Cyber Security Breach Summary 2013

As a provider of secure email services for business, health care, law firms and government entities, we follow statistics on cyber security and data breaches and thought we would summarize some 2013 numbers for you.

Businesses and professionals should be aware of these numbers. Computer security systems and employee training can only do so much to protect you. Moving email and data to the secure cloud can further reduce risk while also minimizing infrastructure, training and maintenance costs.

Reported data breaches for 2013 involved more than 14 Million records.¹ That's roughly one breach for every 20 Americans.

The actual number is probably much higher. Almost half of the reported breaches involved an unknown number of records. It also does not include the countless number of unreported breaches.

Overall Data Breaches

The following chart shows the number of records breached by type of business or entity. Extrapolated numbers are based on the percent of unknown breaches for each.

Cyber Security

Data Breaches by Type

The following chart shows the number of records breached by type of business or entity. The first three categories are related to email security, and account for about half of all records breached.

Cyber Security Data Breaches Type

Securing your business email can reduce the risk of data breaches and damage to your infrastructure and business.

  • Portable devices are easily lost or stolen, which is particularly bad if sensitive emails or attachments are stored on them.
  • Good antispam / antivirus filtering can drastically reduce the chance of malware infecting and damaging your infrastructure.
  • Good email and system security (like encryption) can result in unintended disclosure of legally protected client or patient data.

Greenview Data™ provides secure cloud-based email hosting, encryption, archiving and anti-spam / anti-virus that helps reduce the risk of data breaches from portable devices, malware and unintended disclosure. Read on for more information.

Email Security and Portable Devices

Businesses are particularly concerned about data breaches from portable devices, such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. These are constantly in use by doctors, lawyers and other professionals traveling to and from the office or court and when on the road. They are easily lost or stolen and often contain sensitive and legally protected customer, patient or client data.

Secure Email Hosting and Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus

Such data is found in emails and attachments. A typical email app might physically download email to your device for viewing and store it there. If the device is stolen and not properly encrypted, you might be required to report a breach because the emails on it can be read.

“...2 million or more records breached in 2013...”

So, how risky is it to have email on your portable device? Breaches from laptops, cell phones and other portable devices involved almost 1.5 Million records in 2013. 37% of breaches involved an unknown number of records, so the actual number could easily be 2 Million or more records.

To protect your patient, client or customer emails, consider using a secure cloud-based email service, like Greenview Data's, that does not need to permanently store email on your device. The device simply reads the email over a secure connection (like the one you use for online banking) through a browser window or a webmail app to the secure data center where the email is physically present.

All versions of our email hosting come with SpamStopsHere™ Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus. Spam, phishing scams, viruses and more are blocked in the Cloud, before they can damage your infrastructure. With 99.5% spam blocking and incredibly low false-positive rate (it blocks less than 0.001% of legitimate emails), it's the best spam solution for businesses and professionals.

Secure Encryption and Archiving

Greenview's service also protects the email and attachment data as it is being transmitted by using a secure connection between the device and the data center. Other advantages include geographic redundancy, optional true archiving and optional email encryption for end-to-end security.

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¹Source: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse