North American Orgs See the Cloud's Benefits

A new study shows that conventional (non-cloud) IT environments still suffer from frequent data loss and poor data protection.

More than half of U.S. organizations surveyed expect to increase their use of the cloud to help solve their security issues. Many Canadian organizations also plan to do the same.

Better Data Protection for Less

According to the survey by CA Technologies, businesses increasingly see the cloud as offering better data protection than traditional non-cloud environments; and more cost-effective, more agile and more secure.

It also exposed the risks and cost of not moving to the cloud, including data loss; and the obstacles to in-house data protection and disaster recovery, including inadequate employee training and budget constraints.

Organizations in North America increasingly see that moving to cloud computing can resolve these cost and security problems. As I recently blogged, lingering security and other concerns can be alleviated through ensuring your agreements with your cloud service provider(s) protect you.

The Cost of Not Moving to the Cloud

A previous survey by CA found that, on average, companies in North America lose about $160,000/year to IT downtime and data recovery. It also found that during those downtimes, companies estimate their ability to produce revenue drops by about 30%.