Law Firms May be the Weakest Security Link

Data Attacks Against Law Firms

Things have gotten so bad that the FBI apparently met with the top 200 law firms in New York City to discuss the rise in cyber attacks against law firms.

Bloomberg Businessweek recently quoted the head of the FBI's New York City cyber division as calling law firms easy "quarry" for cyber-criminals mining for data about their clients.

The Shocker: Little Encryption

The article also summarizes the sad state of security revealed by the survey that apparently exists in law firms, including the lack of encryption technologies.

Few of the law firms surveyed encrypt their laptops or USB drives. And over 75% of them do not encrypt email automatically based on content.

Sending unencrypted email can be like mailing a postcard to a client. Unencrypted email is just text that can easily be downloaded and read as it hops across unknown servers on its way to the recipient. In their defense, lawyers are just now being made aware of the dangers and risk-avoidance strategies in using unencrypted email.

Encryption is Available and Affordable

Although email encryption is critical and the technology is available and affordable, law firms are apparently letting their staffs send email across the internet as unencrypted text.

For example, Greenview Data provides hosted outgoing email encryption for about $100/year, including manual and automatic encryption based on content*. Click here for details.

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