Law Firms and Attorneys Adopt Cloud Strategies

Several recent reports show that cloud computing and Software as a Service are increasingly being embraced by law firms and attorneys. According to an Legal It Professionals article this week, a leading Scottish law firm, Tods Murray, LLP, recently decided to move to a cloud-based document management system.

More Security in the Cloud

According to the article, Lindsay Birch the Chief Operating Officer of Tods Murray said: “Law firms can save significant money and operate more efficiently by taking advantage of proven cloud-based solutions...”

Levels the Playing Field for Small Firms

Apparently, Tods Murray discovered what others have, that good cloud-based solutions are not only more efficient and more cost-effective, but can provide more security and confidentiality than most firms can afford to do on their own.

Now, sole practitioners and small firms can have the archiving, multiple-location data redundancy, mobile access and email encryption without maintaining their own Exchange servers or other in-house appliances.