Survey Angers Patients of Doctor Facing Charges

This is a strange one. You're a patient of a doctor at a health center who is later arrested for sexual misconduct with other female patients. While the criminal cases against the doctor are pending, you get a call from a company conducting a "routine" patient survey for the clinic.

After some ordinary questions about your perceptions of the clinic, the caller starts asking more probing questions about your comfort level with that doctor's medical examinations, whether you have any concerns about him and if you know that you can anonymously make a complaint against him.

Violation of Their Privacy?

That's what happened to patients of a doctor from a Clinton, CT health center, according to The Hartford Courant.

They claim the caller knew they were patients of that particular doctor, even naming him, and that it felt like the survey was probing too far, even conducting a witch hunt. One said the survey company called her daughter repeatedly, who was also a patient of the same doctor.

Health Center Claims It Did Nothing Wrong

The health center apparently claims that it commissioned the survey months ago, that private information is protected and that "all questions are neutral in nature with the goal of learning about the perceptions of our patients."