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Law Firms May be the Weakest Security Link

It's a little ironic that law firms, whose most critical function might be safeguarding client secrets, could be the worst security link in the chain. Law firms have implemented few security measures in their rush to adopt client-friendly communication and data strategies, according to an article analyzing the ILTA Technology Survey.

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The Cloud May Reduce Data Breaches

Over one-third of data breaches from 2005 through 2011 were the result of portable and stationary devices being discarded, lost or stolen Analyzing information made available by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC) a significant portion of data breaches each year could be avoided if organizations would adopt secure cloud-based strategies for data storage and email services.

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Cyber-Threats: Denial or Paranoia?

CEOs and Information Security Officers have different perceptions about cyber-security threats, according to Core Security. But it may not be the fault of CEOs. Core Security's analysis of a recent survey shows that CEOs tend to be much more optimistic than CISOs about the threats to their IT Infrastructure security, possibly because CEOs are not made aware of such threats.

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