Penny Stocks Email Alert - Inspiration Mining Corp (IRMGF) Pump and Dump Scam

A new penny stocks spam campaign is hitting hard this today on the heels of last week's failed RNBI pump and dump scam. This week's campaign is touting shares of Inspiration Mining Corp (IRMGF:OTC US), an over-the-counter stock that has closed at less than $1/share since at least 2009.

What is a "Pump and Dump" Scam?

In a Pump and Dump scam, owners of a stock try to drive up the price with fake good news about the company (the "pump"), which they hope will send prices soaring as gullible investors buy up shares. Then the scammers quickly sell off their shares (the "dump") at the inflated price, netting a huge profit. Of course, due to the large sell-off, the price plummets and victims are left with shares of a near-worthless stock.

It's an old scam, and penny stock companies (normal share price under $5) are especially susceptible because it's hard to find a lot of market information about them.

About This Penny Stocks Scam

The campaign actually began last Friday, and may have pumped up the price a bit (from its opening of $0.08 on Friday to a high of $0.13). But the massive wave began this morning. So far, it looks like another flop.

The spammers are using various techniques that are often employed to get around spam filters. The emails are being sent from various different servers, probably zombie machines. The "click-me" links in the emails are changing at random and are likely just fake URLs. Also, the text is alternating between different versions. But it's not fooling us. We are able to block based on all of those criteria and more.

Here is what one of the emails looks like:

Penny Stock Spam Alert - IRMGF Pump and Dump Scheme

Today's "Pump and Dump" Campaign

Due to the various tricks the spammers are employing, many of the emails might get past anti-spam programs that make the customer constantly tweak filter settings. We don't do that. Our 24/7/365 live analysts update our spam database every few minutes to keep up with new threats, identifying and blocking spam very quickly. Because SpamStopsHere is Cloud-based, our customers get the benefit of updates instantly.

And we don't rely exclusively on Bayesian Heuristics and Blacklists. Instead, we have multiple filters to ensure that spam campaigns are filtered out of our customers' incoming email. As a result, many of our customers never bother changing the default settings.

One of those filters is our Phrase filter. Instead of blocking based on individual words that appear in a lot of legitimate email (like "stock price"), we block based on long phrases that we know only appear in spam. It's time consuming for spammers to write many different emails, but easy to send it from constantly changing zombie servers.

When that happens, as here, programs that rely heavily on blacklists can't keep up with the changing IPs, and let a lot of spam through. One of the only ways they can clamp down on it is to start filtering based on short phrases. But that ends up blocking a lot of legitimate email, and then you have to spend even more time searching your junk box for missing email.

In part because of our phrase filtering, SpamStopsHere blocks 99.5% of spam with an incredibly low false-positive rate of 0.001%. That saves our users a lot of time and money because they're not so worried about losing good email during such a campaign.

Exceptional Anti-Spam and Secure Cloud Email for Business

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