India is Spam King, U.S. Slips to Fourth

India now relays over 10% of the world's spam, with the U.S. just over 6% and Russia under 3%, from 2012 Q2 data.

InfoSecurity is reporting that India surpassed all other countries last quarter, now relaying almost 12% of the world's spam. The United States, which was previously in second place, is now fourth at only 6.2%

The chart below shows the top ten rankings for the second quarter of 2012.

The New Contender: Saudi Arabia

Based on some preliminary data that we've been generating, Saudi Arabia could easily surpass all other countries in the near future.

In just one day, Saudi Arabia's spam volume multiplied 200x, from producing only about 20k messages one day (about 1 percent of global volume) to almost 4 MILLION (about 33% globally) the next day.

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