Corporate Email is Moving to the Cloud

In a recent independent survey about trends in cloud computing, a majority of senior IT professionals say they have already moved their organizations' email to the cloud or are evaluating doing so.

While the poll showed reservations about moving protected data to the cloud, many more IT professionals are comfortable with secure cloud-based email.

Addressing SaaS Concerns

When asked about moving all of their applications, services and data to the cloud, the top five reservations cited were security (72%), uptime (52%), reliability (52%), cost savings (47%) and support (47%).

Some said they address security issues through controls such as data classification, virtualization security, and encryption.

Majority are Comfortable with Cloud-Based Email

Respondents were much less concerned about switching to cloud-based email than they were about their data and other applications, as long as the email provider meets certain requirements. A majority have already switched to cloud-based email or are in various stages of evaluating a switch.

The benefits of cloud-based email that were touted include less in-house management and lower cost by paying someone else to do it.

Those who do switch to cloud-based email suggest that service-level agreements (SLAs) cover topics like connectivity, response time, uptime and support and that you understand the provider's send/receive limits, disaster recovery and archiving technology.

Respondents noted VMWare's Zimbra platform as a "really interesting product".

You can request a copy of the report here.