Comparison: Email Appliance vs. Cloud

The cloud wins in a recent comparison of traditional in-house email servers vs. cloud-based email.

According to the comparison, some of the benefits of moving to the cloud include:

  • Predictable Cost: Rent the hardware and software rather than buy it.
  • Lower Operating Expense: No infrastructure commitments just for email.
  • Faster Deployment: You don't have to install new hardware or software
  • Little maintenance: Offload the headaches to the pros who do it for a living.
  • Better security: Viruses and other threats stay in the cloud, far away from your network
  • Scalability: Many hosted email vendors let you add and subtract users easily and quickly through browser-based control panels. No more buying more hardware or software. Some, like Greenview Data's Hosted Email, even let you change feature levels per user on the fly.