Cloud Computing: Lower Cost, More Efficient

A recent survey by TechTarget about cloud adoption and services shows that companies are increasingly using and growing more interested in Cloud computing. According to an article about the survey on SearchCloudComputing, key findings include the following.

Majority of Companies are Using Cloud Computing

Over 60% of all companies surveyed report they use Cloud services in some form. However, adoption is concentrated among smaller and larger companies, with midsize firms as the holdout.

Midsize Companies Use the Cloud Less

This is interesting. According to the report, smaller companies are using the cloud to gain more leverage with their smaller IT budgets, while larger ones use it to save cost and offload some non-critical functions.

Midsize companies, however, seem to be the holdout. Many have already invested in their IT infrastructure and cannot justify moving to the Cloud, apparently because they believe they won't see enough savings.

Balance Between Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

Another interesting finding is that use of public, private and hybrid Cloud models is fairly evenly divided. Not so surprising is that an increase in the use of all three is expected in the short term.

Cost Savings is Number One

Cost savings was listed as the primary reason for moving to public, private and hybrid Clouds. Automation and business computing needs were also important to many respondents.