Spam Stopped Here on June 25

A large wave of spam that looked like flight confirmation from Southwest Airlines quickly attacked and then just as quickly retreated this week.

Spam Protection

The briefness of the attack may have been intentional; too quick for antispam programs to detect it as spam. Most antispam software uses "Beyesian Heuristics" to guess the probability that an email is spam; which might be too slow to block such a quick attack.

SpamStopsHere is different. Our spam reviewers work 24/7/365 monitoring for spam that is attracted to special "honeypots". Within moments of an attack we have not seen before, our spam filters block it. Then, the filter can block variations on that email using its spam profile.

The Email

The attack was a "Word Press exploit", with the links in the email going to web pages on some person's Word Press account. What was odd about this campaign is that the exploit pages were not fake logins to steal the victim's account info. Rather, they were ads for a "male enhancement" remedy. The links on those pages went to the spammer's site for the remedy, which might take your money, account info or more. So, this campaign was a form of "medical spam".

The emails looked like this:

Spam Protection

NEVER click on the links in such an email. If you want to check the status of your account, type the name of the web site in your browser's address bar.

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