IRS Form W8-BEN Identify-Theft Scam

We detected and blocked a new email phishing scam that looks like a request from the IRS. It has a PDF file attached to it that's a mocked-up Form W8-BEN:

IRS Identity Theft Scam

IRS Email Attachment Scam - Do NOT fill out this form or fax it.

The scammer urges you to fill out the form and fax it back to a given phone number. It is a dangerous scam because the form might look legitimate to some people. Here is what the real Form W8-BEN looks like:

IRS Identity Theft Scam - Real Form W8-BEN

The Actual IRS Form W8-BEN

After comparing the two, the first form is obviously fake and includes information meant to steal your money and identity, such as bank account numbers, your mother's maiden name, your birthday and more. Do NOT Fill out this form and do NOT fax it back. You shouldn't even open it.

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