Dangerous PayPal Spear-Phishing Scam

A dangerous spear phishing scam that looks like an alert from PayPal is targeting individuals with their actual name and email address. Don't click on the link!

We have just detected and blocked a brand new phishing scam that looks very sophisticated. It looks like it came from PayPal and has the user's actual name in the email.

What is Spear Phishing?

A phishing email is an important-looking message from a bank, credit card company, etc. that urges you to click on a link to update your account. The link takes you either to a fake login screen that will steal your username and password, or to a website that will try to infect your machine with a virus. Most phishing scams address the recipient as "Dear Valued Customer" or something like that, because the scammer does not know your actual name.

A spear phishing scam addresses you using your actual name, like "Dear John Doe". This is more dangerous because it looks more legitimate and the scammer already has some personally identifying information about you that makes it easier to steal your money or identity.

Do not click on the link or run such an attachment. It is a dangerous virus or other malware.

New "Paypal" Phishing Scam

Some phishing scams look so amateurish that few people would be tempted to click the link. Not so with this one. It looks legitimate. Here is what it looks like:

Click the thumbnail above to see full-size image.

Although it might look legitimate at first, it has some clear signs of a phishing scam. Banks, credit card and internet payment companies almost never send you an email with a link to a login screen. This one is urging you to click on a link to add a new credit card to your "Paypal" account.

Also, if you hover over the "click-me" links in the email, they clearly do not go to PayPal. Instead they go to some other web address that has the term "paypal" in it. That's a clear sign of a phishing scam. Beware, some scammers are sophisticated enough to make the links look like they are going to the real website, when in actuality, that will take you somewhere else where you do not want to be.

Remember, never click on the link in an email or run attached software that is asking you about an online account.

If you're a SpamStopsHere or Greenview Data Email Hosting user, you probably won't see these campaigns because we detect and block them very quickly. We don't know if other anti-spam filtering programs have done so.

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