Chrome Download and Flash Update Casino Scam

We detected and blocked new Chrome Browser / Flash Update email spam campaign this week.

The email comes in the form of a EuroMillions lottery message. If you click on the link in the email, it will take you to a fake Chrome Browser or Flash update page that will download and attempt to install potentially dangerous software.

Don't click on the email, as it will immediately start the download process. If it does start, cancel the download and don't install the software.

Fake Chrome Browser / Flash Update

This email scam has an image or text in it with something about winning a lottery, such as "EuroMillions". This is what's known as "casino spam". Here's what one of the messages looks like:

EuroMillions Scam Email

EuroMillions Spam Email

Although the the EuroMillions email looks a little hokey, clicking on it takes you to a legitimate-looking page with an Update Your Flash or Outdated Browser Detected warning. The landing pages look like these:

Fake Flash Update and Download Page

Fake Flash Update and Download Page

Fake Browser Update and Download Page

Fake Chrome Browser Update and Download Page

These pages try to download an executable (.exe) file to your computer and encourage you to run it. Do NOT download or install the file. Cancel the download immediately if you can. If it finishes downloading before you can cancel, don't run it. The executable file is most likely a dangerous virus or other "malware".

How to Learn More

Our antispam team uses our proprietary Spamalyzer 3.0 to analyze and block email threats, protecting our customers 24/7/365. That's a claim virtually no other antispam provider can make. Click here for more about SpamStopsHere and our 24/7/365 live support