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How URL Spam Filtering Beats Bayesian/Heuristics Hands Down

The evolution and sophistication of spam and spammers has sparked much debate as to which spam filtering methods are the most accurate. This whitepaper addresses issues and problems associated with Bayesian and Heuristic filtering solutions and argues that URL ("click me" link) filtering is the most accurate and predictable method of blocking spam.

Phishing - Past, Present and Future

A particularly dangerous and now common type of spam known as "Phishing” attempts to trick recipients into revealing personal and sensitive data, such as passwords, login ID’s, financial information or social security numbers. This white paper addresses current issues associated with phishing scams and argues the most probable and likely direction phishing scams will follow in the future.

The Case for Encryption in Healthcare

Under the New HIPAA, PHI Must Be Protected

The Case for Encryption in Finance & Retail

Why Protecting Your Customers' Data is a Top Priority

ZIxCorp Email Encryption Services Overview

ZixCorp provides transparent, seamless secure communications with your customers, partners and regulators.

A New Standard in Encrypted Email

A discussion on push, pull and transparent delivery.

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