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VEDIT File Editor, ASCII, Hex, EBCDIC, Octal Editor
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Our File Editor Navigates Large Files with Ease
Any File, Any Size.

With every advanced feature you need in a file editor and sorter, the fully-programmable VEDIT™ is easy to use, allowing quick edits of absolutely any file type. With our 23-year track record and continuous development, it's the last editor you will ever need.

Our commitment to the best possible technical support ensures that you will be happy with VEDIT in every way.

VEDIT Features

  • Edit absolutely any file - text, data, binary (hex) or EBCDIC; even 100+ Gigabyte files.
  • Edit in ASCII, Hex, EBCDIC, Octal or any combination of modes.
  • Powerful columnar blocks - cut, paste, fill, search/replace, indent, sort by columns.
  • Convert newlines, smart detab/retab, flexible sorting.
  • Flexible search/replace with ultra-fast pattern matching or regular expressions.
  • Color syntax highlighting, smart indenting, template editing and other programming features.
  • Integrated compiler support, including Java SDK.
  • Powerful C-like macro language for writing custom translators, filters, more.
  • Fully configurable keyboard layout, emulations and over 250 configuration parameters.
  • Read more on VEDIT's powerful features.