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Business Email including Archiving, Encryption and our award winning SpamStopsHere Email Security

Business email is moving to the cloud at a rapid pace to both improve availability and reduce cost. The secure cloud is reliable, scalable and more affordable than in-house solutions of the past. Greenview Data's Email Cloud integrates seamlessly with Exchange Outlook and our other business services to provide the security and compliance required by enterprises worldwide.

Greenview's Next-Generation Email Cloud includes advanced Zero-day Cyber Attacks Protection and Malware Security Filters that guard the enterprise from dangerous threats. Powerful filters protect against malware phishing attacks and are stopped in the cloud before they can harm your business.

Financial, military, government, legal, healthcare HIPAA and general business can take full advantage of our secure services. Greenview Data's secure cloud solutions keep your communications safe and employees productive with anywhere-anytime email access.

Advanced Email Platform for Business

Greenview Data's secure email hosting services provide next-generation security and cloud accessibility for anytime-anywhere business email. Built on industry-leading platforms with premium features for business like email Collaboration, Calendars, Office Document sharing and Mobile sync with strict privacy controls that Gmail and Office 365 just can't match.

Next-Generation Email Cloud

Greenview's next-generation cloud solutions provide secure communications and maximum protection for anywhere-anytime email access. Our secure email cloud interoperates seamlessly with Exchange Outlook and other leading email clients.

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Anytime-Anywhere Email Collaboration

Access email, calendars and contacts anytime-anywhere while continuing to use your favorite email clients such as Microsoft Exchange Outlook, the feature-rich Zimbra webmail or desktop with mobile access. And, it comes with our exclusive Store And Forward 5-day automatic email recovery.

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Enterprise Email Encryption

Greenview Data's email encryption service is built on the Best-in-Class encryption platform with policy-based management and enterprise control. Complete interoperability with Exchange Outlook, Zimbra, and Zixmail. Simple, affordable, and compliant e-mail encryption to secure the transmission of sensitive data.

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RestorEmail Archiving

Archive and retrieve emails quickly and efficiently with our hosted archiving. Meet regulatory and compliance standards. Choose from 30-day Business Continuity archiving for disaster recovery or full archiving with policy-based overrides for retention policies and eDiscovery .

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Email Security - SpamStopsHere Anti-Spam Filtering

Rated #1 for anti-spam accuracy by Network Computing Magazine. SpamStopsHere blocks 99.5% of spam and delivers 99.999% of legitimate email. It also reduces the load on your servers by blocking spam in the cloud, before it can damage your business.

We partner with some of the best and brightest technology and infrastructure providers to deliver Next-Generation Cloud Solutions for our Clients. Trusted by millions and backed by Greenview Data's always open, 24/7/365 brilliant support.

Move to the Cloud at Your Own Pace

Greenview Data's Cloud Email services are completely modular and all seamlessly integrate with each other and with most other cloud and appliance-based email services. Only want Hosted Email? No problem. Get Cloud Email and Archiving? Easy. Add Greenview Encryption to your existing Exchange appliance? It's fully compatible.

If/when you're ready to add other services, just email, call or send us a chat. We're glad to make any changes you want. Or, you can do so yourself in the control panel.

Text Editors and EBCDIC Conversion Solutions

Edit any file in ASCII, hex or EBCDIC:

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