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Frequently-Asked Questions

How is Spam Defined?

Some people think of spam as any unwanted email. The anti-spam industry typically defines spam as Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE). That means any email you receive that you didn't initiate or sign up for that is sent to a large number of recipients with an indentical (or almost identical) message.

So, if someone sends you a copy of a resume, or other targeted unsolicited personal email that is not sent in bulk, we can not block it globally as "spam", even if it may be unwanted by you. You can take advantage of the Personal Blacklist feature to block any harrassing emails that are not UBE. However, we recommend that you simply ask the party to refrain, and contact the sender's Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your local law enforcement if the harrassment continues.

It's usually obvious if an email you received was sent in bulk. If you are not sure, contact one of our analysts for assistance.

Does it work with Microsoft Exchange?

Yes! SpamStopsHere works with any mail server software that is already accepting Internet email, including Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupwise, Lotus Domino, Sendmail, etc.

Will SpamStopsHere work with any web/email hosting provider?

That's the beauty of SpamStopsHere. You can use it with almost any email hardware or software, whether it's an internal mail server, private cloud, external hardware, etc.

Basically, the only requirement is that you're able switch your "MX records" to point to our SpamStopsHere servers. Most hosting companies let you do so through what's called "local delivery".

If you're unsure, ask your hosting company if they support 'local delivery' or 'third party anti-spam filters in the MX records' In the rare case you're unable to do so, we'll gladly refund your money during the 14-day money-back guarantee period. If you notify us within the 30-day trial period, you won't be charged at all.

Will using SpamStopsHere slow down my incoming email?

Like all anti-spam programs and services, SpamStopsHere has to filter your email in order to detect and block spam.

But you probably won't notice any delay. SpamStopsHere filters incoming email in real time (as it arrives), rather than in intervals (like other antispam programs).

Can you change my MX records for me?

That's the only part we cannot do for you. however, we will send you simple instructions on how to change the MX records yourself and will be happy to assist you.

Call, chat or email us anytime. We're always here, 24/7/365.

Does SpamStopsHere backup my email?

SpamStopsHere is not an email archiving system. However, it does have a feature called "Store and Forward". If your email server is down for any reason (e.g., maintenance, power outage), SpamStopsHere will spool 5 days worth of your email and then automatically deliver it to you when you're back up.

If you need true email archiving (which many businesses do), look into our RestorEmail service (on this web site), which has Business Continuity (30-day) and Full Archiving editions.

Does SpamStopsHere affect my privacy?

SpamStopsHere does not affect your security. It does not backup or make copies of your email messages. We do not log the entire email message, only the email addresses of the sender and the recipient.

In the event your mail server is off-line, the Store and Forward service (see above) will "spool" your email messages. When your mail server is back on-line, it will automatically transfer all the spooled email messages. The temporarily spooled messages will not be permanently saved or backed up.

Also, as described in our privacy statement, we do not share any information with anyone else!

Do I need my own mail server to use SpamStopsHere?

No you don't! You only need your own domain name (the part of the email address following the "@".

You also need to be able to change your MX records to point to our servers, which almost all hosting companies allow. When you sign up or try SpamStopsHere, we'll email you simple instructions on how to switch your MX records. That's about all you need to do. We'll start blocking incoming spam right away.

How do I Stop Using SpamStopsHere?

That's about as easy as starting to use it. Simply remove the SpamStopsHere load balancer's from your domain's DNS MX records and list your actual email server (or new anti-spam service) in the MX records instead. After the DNS changes propagate throughout the Internet (we recommend waiting 72 hours), you should then be able to cancel the SpamStopsHere service without any interruption of email.

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